Our Team

Team PKBM started in February 2017 in partnership with Kohler and Sterling plumbing products. Since its inception, our team has demonstrated a Best in Class brand representation and has been serving both residential and commercial construction channels.

Since then, PKBM has expanded its product line offerings and has successfully established a strong presence in the British Columbia market. Supporting its growth, PKBM has expanded its sales team to cover all areas of British Columbia.

Two key members of the PKBM sales team are Kevin Bradley and Phil Partridge:

Kevin Bradley

Kevin has an extensive background with over 25+ years of experience selling in the British Columbia plumbing wholesale channel. He has been representing the Kohler brand for more than 22+ years, integrating product solutions for both residential and commercial developments.

Phil Partridge

Phil’s career started in the wholesale distribution channel, transitioning to selling Kohler brands. He has been selling Kohler products in multiple regions, including Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia, for over 15+ years. Phil’s diverse experience in different regions brings valuable insights and knowledge to PKBM’s operations and best of breed solutions.

With this experienced sales team and an expanding product line, depend on PKBM to be your plumbing solutions provider for both residential and commercial construction projects. Contact us today